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Mia Bond

Age: 18
City: Chard
I am a motivated and dedicated student, who has just completed three A-Levels in Geography, Biology and Drama. I have also completed an independent EPQ based on Shakespeare's work and I wish to continue to work in and around the Arts, specifically drama and the theatre; as this, without a doubt, is the subject I have the most interest and enthusiasm towards.
My greatest strength is my simple ability to see the larger picture and be able to scale it down, to analyse and perfect the smaller attributes to create a effective large scale result, whether that be an exam, a problem solving task or even a theatrical production. I know that with time, effort and a little persistence I can achieve my lifelong goal to work in and around the stage and screen.

I am 5ft 9", I have a vocal range F3 to A6 (and growing), experienced flautist and horse rider. Experience with amateur musical theatre and non-musical productions.
Located in: Actors in Somerset

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