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Bristol & Bath

Age: 18
City: Coventry
Full Description: *Although my home address is situated in Coventry, I will be moving to Bath in September of this year.

I'm 18 and beginning university this year, at the age of three I began classical training in ballet, modern and tap (btda) and then at the age of 8 became part of a theatre group (Coventry Youth Operetta Group) with which I have performed in shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Grease and Cats. I am passionate about the arts and put full dedication and commitment into everything I take part in.
Age: 30
City: Bristol
Full Description: Ryan England
Aged 30 from Bristol
I'm a scaffolder and part time strongman looking to get into acting or some roles as a extra.
Height 5'10
Weight 155kg
Age: 33
City: Gloucester
Full Description: I am an all round actor, singer, dancer and in the last 2 years I have been working as a professional Mermaid.
I have 15 years professional experience as a performer and I am looking to seek better representation.
Many thanks
thumb_Tabitha 600dpi
Age: 19
City: Bristol
Full Description: Drama and Acting Student at The University of the West of England.
Previous drama scholarship held from 13-18 at college.
Extra work experience.
Amateur dramatics experience, and Musical Theatre singing Diploma (Dip. LCM).
Age: 50
City: Bristol
Full Description: 6ft 1 tall

Waist 38

Shoe Size 11

Collar Size 18

Weight 16 stone

Age: 16
City: Bristol
Full Description: Hello , My name is Alex Williams I am from Bristol EnglandUK. Recently I've taken a fine interest in Acting/Modelling as that's what I would like to do in my further career , i haven't got loads of experience but I'm very passionate & confident about the goals I want to Achieve. Persueing my dream of being an Actor/Model will not only boost my growth in this industry but will make my family proud as I'm following footsteps of successful family members.
Age: 24
City: Bristol
Full Description: I'm a tall blonde female currently living in Bristol. I am originally from Australia, but can speak in with an RP accent.
Age: 28
City: Bristol
Full Description: 28 year old extra and walk on actress

Playing age 17 - 25 years

Blond hair

Blue Eyes

Height is 5ft 6.
Age: 25
City: Bath
Full Description: Ahh, a few paragraphs to sum up a life of accomplishments. How ever shall I start. I’ve been acting from a young age in school plays & community productions, to numerous standing ovations (I do a terrific Rolf). Though, of course, you have heard all this before. So what sets me apart. Why me over the hundreds of others? Experienced? Not really. Model like appearance? Uhh, well I do like looking at myself in mirror. Unique? Hmm, uniqueness is tough after all. Musically, especially Vocally, I excel but that only helps you if the right part comes along. I have toured the UK as a lead singer in a band, meaning I have become accustomed to the stage. Creating a memorable experience with your audience is key, something that took years to master, entwining comedy, music and a bit of drama into a seamless performance. Though, the thing that sets me apart and you’ll have to forgive a slight arrogance in the way this might sound. The thing that sets me apart. Talent. I am fortunate enough to possess a level of natural talent that allows me to excel in anything artistic. I completely love it which helps. There are more experienced, learned and attractive actors out there but there is a natural ingredient that has to be in place from the start. Please forgive the way this sounds. It is not my intention to come across arrogant. This is not a personal opinion but something that has been expressed by the numerous people that I have been privileged enough to perform in front of, both musically and artistically. I was encouraged to apply to your fine selves after a recent performance. All I ask is for an opportunity to showcase my talents.
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Age: 46
City: Portishead
Full Description: Completed two acting courses, have sung solos and acted on stage in lead roles and summer shows for amateur dramatic companies. Have been in a few student films with speaking parts.

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