I have a BA (Hons) degree in Theatre and Music. Following from this I co run a small Cornwall based Theatre Company called Other Brother where we have previously, before Covid, worked at festivals in the summer doing interactive performances.
I do ballroom dancing.
I play the guitar, sing and write songs in the style of folk and Blues. I have been in a touring band performing in pubs around Cornwall and now do solo gigs.
I have trained as a Bushcraft camp leader taking schools to do survival lessons in the woods such as camp fires, trap making, Archery, axe throwing and shelter building.
I have been climbing for over a year so I have become a confident climber on the cliffs around Cornwall. I am also a keen Hiker.
I own a small campervan so I'm available for jobs that requires a long amount of travel and to be on set for days at a time as I can stay nearby in the campervan.


Alice Mallinson