I am enthusiastic, passionate, empathetic and creative- I take pride in my determination and positivity. I have always had a great passion the natural world and the animals that inhabit our ecosystems, and as a graduate of Marine Biology this has only grown further. I greatly enjoy writing, being outdoors and it is my desire to make a difference. I always strive to encourage happiness in others and myself.

My greatest passion is surfing, with my love of the ocean and natural world driving me as an individual. I am currently aiming to compete in Women’s longboard events. I am also very creatively enthusiastic: playing guitar, performing at gigs, listening to and exploring music, Djing, drama performances as part of youth theatres, and I am also very inspired by producing and appreciating art and photography. In addition, I read tarot cards, I love being able to talk to people and help them and through things- I find this is a great, albeit unconventional, way to do this. Moreover, I find great enjoyment in yoga and meditation for mindfulness and developing my strength. My proudest achievement is completing the 45-mile Ten Tors Challenge, undertaking a 45-mile hike, navigating across Dartmoor National Park in 2 days. I am also a keen long-distance runner; I love spending my time in the sun and exploring outside. Furthermore, I have always held a deep love and compassion for animals, I naturally desire to do my upmost to ensure they feel loved, safe and happy.


Emily Grigg